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Our top homoeopathic doctor in Pune is here ready to serve you with proven natural and safe treatments. Vitality Homoeopathic Healthcare allows your body to do what it is intended to do to find health, cures, and enjoy life again.

For those living in or near Wakad and the area of Pune, there is no need to travel far to find health and cures. Help is nearby today with the knowledgeable and professional assistance of a caring doctor focused on safe cures. Dr. Priti Prasad is kind, humble, and polite.

Do not worry about traveling far to find the help you need. Wakad is a suburb in the city of Pune, India. Pune was formerly known as Poona and is one of the largest cities in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Visit your own local homoeopathic doctor near you in Wakad’s Pune and serving surrounding the entire Pune Metropolitan Region PMR areas of Kalewadi, Hinjewadi, Tathwade, Ravet, Baner, and every location of Pune.

It’s time to live with vitality! Stop living in pain, discomfort, or sickness. Visit a caring homeopathy clinic in Pune. Call the homoeopathic doctor in Pune, Dr. Priti Prasad, who wants to help you find treatments to help cure what ails you.

Treatments We Offer

Homeopathy has been a trusted healthcare method for many years. In fact, it is one of the oldest and safest treatment processes.

Start discovering a toxic-free lifestyle through an intelligent approach to your good health. You don’t have to keep living in discomfort when help is available through Vitality Homoeopathic Healthcare in Wakad, Pune which has a reputation of great results with allergy treatment, PCOD/PCOS, hair, skin, and child ailments.

Pediatric/Child Care – A child’s body and immune system is in the early development stages, so there is no better time to seek Child Care in Wakad through natural, safe, and homoeopathic treatments.

Skin – Before spending time and money with other Skin doctors Wakad, discover a natural approach to treating eczema, vitiligo, acne, psoriasis, corns, warts, insect bites, stings, and other wound healing and skin infections.

PCOD/PCOS – Many women have found that natural homoeopathic PCOD/PCOS treatment is available for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Polycystic Ovarian Disease.
Hair Loss – Hair treatment in Wakad for those experiencing hair loss, thinning, or dandruff is successful to offer help.

Allergies – Those who suffer from allergy symptoms understand that it is far more than just a sneeze or a rash. Research indicates that homoeopathic treatment for allergies may be ideal since allergy treatment Pune offers therapy that acts as an immunoregulator.

Some of our areas of specialty include:


Child Care


Skin Treatment




Hair Treatment






About Dr Priti Prasad

Dr. Priti Prasad, a caring doctor who wants to help you live in full vitality is ready to listen to you today! Those who have received treatment from Dr. Priti Prasad describe her as the best homoeopathic doctor in Pune. She is kind, humble, and knowledgeable about a wide variety of health concerns and natural, safe treatments.

From the moment you walk into the clinic, you will feel welcomed and comfortable discussing your health needs with a professional who understands that healthy living and vitality starts with the ability to communicate your symptoms and your needs. Dr. Priti Prasad is dedicated to listen to each and every individual situation carefully before offering a treatment option.

Dr. Prasad is well studied in homoeopathic remedies. She understands that your health is more than just addressing symptoms. She will get to know you, your lifestyle, and your health issues. Her main focus is to help you discover a toxic-free life through an intelligent and natural approach to good health. She wants everyone who comes to her for treatments to experience full vitality through homoeopathic healthcare in the Pune area.

Dr. Prasad wants to help you discover health today! Don’t put off your cure another second. Call Dr. Priti Prasad now to get started discovering what natural, safe, homoeopathic care can do for you.

Doctor was humble and polite and listened to the situation carefully and gave proper medicine.. Very satisfied with the treatment.. Would highly recommend
Piyush Chandak
One of the best Homeopathy Clinic in Pune and Our Family Doctor, Highly recommend all
Arvind Kalgi
Excellent doctor !!! Our family doctor.. One of the best doctor of India. Perfect diagnosis and treatment.
Akhil Kumar

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